TOPSPIN 2 - No Manual
TOPSPIN 2 - No Manual

TOPSPIN 2 - No Manual

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  • Digital Identity: create realistic player models and customize them with the highest level of details. Hairstyles, shirts, shorts, shoes, etc. allow you to create a player with your look and your style
  • Breathtaking Visuals: silky smooth animations, vibrant colors, and shockingly high resolutions deliver illustrious depictions of players, stadiums, crowds, and tracksides. Top Spin 2 is assured to provide an unmatched tennis experience
  • Grand Slam Mode emulates all of the essential components of developing into a world-class tennis star. Over the span of multiple seasons, coach your player through training camps, junior championships, sponsored tournaments, and all four Grand Slam events
  • Take on, play as, or team up with 24 of the world's top ranked professionals, featuring tennis stars